It is very important to keep your spa and pool water sanitised and balanced at all times.


Sanitisation in the form of either chlorine or bromine must be properly maintained both in spas and swimming pools. Properly maintained and balanced water will help to keep the mechanics of the spa healthy and avoid corrosion or scale build up thus prolonging the life of your equipment. Not keeping up with your sanitiser in your pool can lead to algae forming and eventually your pool will go green.


Pool or spa water is being constantly re-circulated and re-used. Bacteria, microorganisms and viruses are carried into this water by bathers. Dirt and other impurities are also carried into the pool by bathers and the elements and as such need to be removed.


The result of properly balanced and sanitised water will be a bacteria free environment, prolonged care to your equipment and clear healthy sparkling water that is both inviting and safe.


If you are experiencing problems with your pool we are always here to help.


Here at KB Pools we cater for all types of pool and spa problems due to imbalanced water, algae or even more rare problems that may need a specialist chemical. As such we stock a full range of chemicals here, covering every possible type of problem that you may encounter with your pool/ spa. Below is a run down of some of the chemicals you may need for your pool/ spa that we stock here. The majority of chemicals we stock are by FI-CLOR who are one of the best manufacturers of chemicals in the industry, providing optimum strength and super results, and we also stock BRISWIM chemicals.

Some of our chemical products:

For those of you starting out in the world of owning a hot tub, we sell spa starter kits which include everything you will need initially for your spa. Please also note that when buying a spa from us, the starter kit is included. Contents:


  • Chlorine Granules
  • Anti-Foam
  • Dry Acid
  • Soda Ash
  • Test Strips
  • A Spa guide to give you advice on getting the right balance of chemicals in your new SPA

If you have just bought an above ground pool, we also stock above ground pool starter packs to include the following chemicals:


  • Chlorine granules
  • PH and Alkalinity reducer
  • PH increaser
  • Algicide
  • Test strips
  • Pool handbook

Pool sanitiser:

To keep your in-ground pool sanitised, we stock a full range of chlorine granules and tablets. We use FI-CLOR premium 5. Not only does it contain chlorine, the product also contains a built in clarifier to keep your water crystal clear, cyanuric acid which is a built-in stabiliser, it also combats algae and is fast acting. Premium 5 granules come in 3kg and 5 kg and the tablets come in 2kg and 5kg.


Possibly one of the most exciting developments in pool water treatment in a number of years, Superfast granules are made from calcium hypochlorite and contain no stabiliser. When added to water they contribute 78% available chlorine. Shock helps to break down chloramines, which is basically a by- product of chlorine left over from the chemical reactions. It also helps balance the water in soft water areas and refracts the light to create inviting blue water.

Shock can help to combat any signs of algae or green water that maybe forming. Used in conjunction with an algaecide most users find that this will rectify the problem within 48 hrs. Because of the strength of this product it is recommended that you do not enter your pool or spa once it has been shocked for a good 6 hours. As such it is best to do this overnight and re-test your pool/spa in the morning to see where your levels are. Because the product is un-stabilised it will dissipate quickly. It is good to shock your pool/spa every two weeks or so to keep it healthy.

Also if you have a lot of friends over, give the pool/spa a light shock to help the chlorine maintain maximum sanitization and to relieve the pool/spa of any extra oils, bacteria etc that may be present from a heavy bather load. We also sell a non-chlorine shock for the spa for users that are on bromine sanitiser, although you can use superfast shock as well.

Water balance:

Shown below are some of the other chemicals we stock here at KB Pools. Please note that the majority of the below-listed chemicals do come in a smaller sized pack especially catered for your spa water balance.

To re-iterate:

If you have any problems with your water balance or are unsure about a chemical product, please do not hesitate to contact us or try one of our chemical links on the link page.


Chemicals are dangerous and should always be stored properly and handled with care. When adding a chemical to your spa or pool, always mix chemical in water in a clean bucket. Never mix chemicals together. Always add separately and where ever possible avoid all contact with skin.