Endless Pools


Are you looking to add a pool to your home, fitness centre or hospitality venue? If so, there’s a chance that you might lack the space for a full-sized option. If this is true, look no further than our incredible selection of endless pools. With an endless pool, you or your customers can derive the enjoyment of the complete swimming experience in a pool that takes up a fraction of the space.


Here at KB Pools, we’re one of the leading suppliers of high-quality endless pools available in a range of sizes, styles and configurations to suit all needs. Thousands of customers are reaping the benefits that come with owning an endless pool, so why not read on to find out what all the fuss is about?




An endless pool is, in essence, a counter-current swimming pool and water exercise machine. It is compact enough to fit inside a home or small business without sacrificing on the enjoyment or utility of its larger counterparts. It features an adjustable current that allows the user to exercise in place and to swim without ever touching the sides. As the current generated is broad and deep, it is suitable for all swimming abilities.

Thanks to its compact size, keeping the pool heated all year round and maintaining water quality has never been easier. There are several options available, including:

Original Endless Pool

Equipped with a single-propeller 5 horsepower (hp) system, an original endless pool can provide a variable performance. From a gentle swim to something a lot more intensive, every swim is tailored to the user’s comfort level. The steel panel construction makes this an excellent addition anywhere in your home or outside.

Performance Endless Pool

The Performance Endless Pool comes with a twin custom-designed propeller setup for a superior swimming experience. These pools are larger than the original model, able to move more water, providing a better all-around experience for beginners and experienced swimmers alike. Faster swim speeds can be achieved, and the counter-rotation and interior turning vanes make for a smooth swim.

High-Performance Endless Pool

Maxing out at an impressive 1:00/100m pace, the High-Performance Endless Pool first debuted at the IRONMAN® World Championship in Kona. A 7.5hp motor and upgraded pump are added to further augment the performance of the twin custom-designed propeller setup. The result is a swimming experience that is robust yet smooth at the same time.

Dual-Propulsion Endless Pool

For eight seasons, this pool featured on NBC’s The Biggest Loser. Perfect for families and couples, this pool features a dual lane setup, each with its own controls that can be individually configured. As more than one swimmer can swim side-by-side at the same time, this is a great option for swim schools and physical therapy centres as well.

Elite Endless Pool

The Elite Endless Pool comes with a standard swim area of 2.44 x 4.27 x 1 (m) and can be customised to suit the user’s requirements. As with the high-performance models, these pools come with a twin custom-designed propeller setup and a 7.5hp motor with a top-rated performance of :56/100m pace. Thanks to its design, this pool provides the smoothest swimming experience of all and is perfect for coaching sessions as every stroke can be closely observed.


The Waterwell is the perfect choice for those wanting to do aqua aerobics or looking to undergo hydrotherapy sessions. This is a free-standing installation where the water comes up to the chest. Heat, water and motion are combined to help alleviate a number of issues, such as chronic pain while improving overall circulation, range of motion and muscle tone. There’s a bench and the option for an underwater treadmill to be installed, too. The pool measures at 2.13 x 2.13 (m) and is powered by a 32amp RCD circuit.


Plus, you can even specify the size and depth to suit your unique requirements. This is all made possible thanks to the addition of an internal heavy-gauge vinyl liner contained inside the steel panels. There are various sizes available from 2.13 x 3.66 (m) to 3.05 x 4.88 (m) and depths ranging up to 1.83m.


If you already possess an existing pool, you can fit the endless pool using the Fastlane current machine, providing extra versatility. Alternatively, such a pool can be added to a conservatory, back garden, basement or even placed inside a summer house, garage or greenhouse.


At KB Pools, we supply the complete endless pool package which includes:


  • Swim-Current Generator
  • Return Channels
  • Water-Quality System
  • Heating System
  • Pool

Plus, customers can choose from a wide range of customisable options from interior steps and seats to custom coping and skirting and even an underwater treadmill.

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The Endless Pool propulsion unit can move a huge amount of water — up to 5,000 gallons a minute — through two grills that straighten and smooth the flow of the water. The result is a river-like current that is totally adjustable in speed from a gentle flow to a racer’s pace all with the simple turn of a knob.

The swim current is generated by a 16″ propeller inside a protective stainless steel housing that is driven by a hydraulic motor.


The swim current is remarkably smooth because of an ingenious return system using the pool’s underwater perimeter benches. As the water flows down the centre of the pool, it enters a grill in the rear bench. The side benches act as return channels that loop the water from the back to the front of the pool.