Jacuzzi Hot Tubs


Jacuzzis were invented in the 1960s by inventor Roy Jacuzzi and since then they have taken the world by storm. At KB Pools, we have sold Jacuzzis for over 11 years, and we would never consider stocking any other brand as Jacuzzis are the best of their type. By investing in a Jacuzzi product, you will be buying into 50 years of expertise into high-quality design and technology.  Jacuzzis have become famed and recognised due to their advanced hydromassage qualities.


Do you need a place to relax and unwind after a stressful day? Why not forget the troubles and trials of modern-day living and invest wisely into a Jacuzzi? It will act as a welcome refuge from all the problems of life, and you can unwind whilst being revitalised by the hydro-therapy nature of the product. The Jacuzzi also has great social aspects and it is a great place to relax with friends and family if you wish to choose this option.


A big part of what makes a Jacuzzi is the parts used which contribute to the product’s functionality and efficiency. The hot tub shape is made out of acrylic which is Tri-Fusion layered ABS and insulation foam which work to keep the hot tub at the right temperature for long periods of time. This will save money on running the water heater for long periods of time. Jacuzzi hot tubs feature low energy circulation pumps which ensure water is circulated for a continuous period. This is a more cost-efficient method than having an intermittent timed water pump, and it is a far cleaner method.


The attention to detail in every Jacuzzi product is one of the brand’s strengths, its Tri-Fusion layering process ensure the Jacuzzi is one of the strongest within the industry. The Pro Endure Cabinets will not fade within time due to their weather resistant nature and have been designed to provide a great service for long periods of time.


At KB Pools, we have an outdoor showroom that showcases many Jacuzzi models so that you can view the brand’s wonderful models. We also have a wet test area so that you can try out one of our spas for yourself.