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For the best and most affordable Jacuzzi installation, Dorset customers should look no further than KB Pools & Hot Tubs. For more than 25 years, we’ve provided services to countless customers. We’ve installed products ranging from swim spas and swimming pools to hot tubs throughout the county. 

We boast the best hot tub range with premium-quality Jacuzzi options available to suit all requirements and budgets. When you call us, we’ll recommend the right hot tub for your home, and we’ll even install it. If you want to learn more about our hot tubs, swim spas, etc., pick up the phone and call our team on 01202 518067. 

Professional Jacuzzi Installation Dorset Residents Will Enjoy

Jacuzzis were the brainchild of inventor Roy Jacuzzi and were first launched in the 1960s. Today, we at KB Pools & Hot Spas would never consider selling any other product as we feel that Jacuzzis are the best in class. Purchasing a Jacuzzi hot tub entitles you to 50 years of expertise, high-quality design, and cutting-edge technology. 

A hot tub is the answer if you want a place to relax and unwind after a busy day. Let the day’s worries melt away and treat yourself to some quality ‘me’ time. Jacuzzi hot tubs possess outstanding hydromassage features that’ll leave you feeling relaxed and recharged.  

Benefits of Installing a Jacuzzi in Your Property

Who doesn’t love spending a day at the spa? There’s nothing quite like relaxing in a Jacuzzi, feeling the bubbles take away every worry you have. The warm water has an amazing calming effect that’ll leave you feeling sleepy. 

But spa memberships cost money, and visiting one is hardly convenient. You’ll be sharing the space with others, assuming the Jacuzzi is not in use. And what good is there in feeling relaxed and sleepy if you then have to drive or walk home? 

No wonder more and more people are having Jacuzzis installed in their homes. And did we mention the health benefits? These include: 

  • Gets Rid of Stress 
  • Relaxes Muscles 
  • Increases Heart Rate 
  • Sweats Out Toxins 
  • Relief for Conditions Such as Stress, Back Pain, and Arthritis 
  • Perfect for Aromatherapy and Light Therapy 
  • Better Quality Sleep 

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Our Various Types of Jacuzzi Installations

Here at KB Pools & Hot Tubs, we know that choice is the spice of life. Why settle for just any old hot tub when you can choose from an impressive range of options? In our range of hot tubs, we have cherry-picked the finest Jacuzzi options to suit all requirements and budgets. These hot tubs include: 

  • J-200 
  • J-300 
  • J-400 
  • Enjoy Pro 

You can learn more about each of these hot tubs below. And if you have any questions, remember that the team at KB Pools & Hot Tubs is always on hand to assist, Dorset customers. 

The J Series  

The J-Series is our main series of Jacuzzi hot tubs and spans four fantastic ranges, from the J-200 to the J-500. Below, we’ve listed details of our three most popular ranges, and you can find comprehensive details on all available ranges on our website. 


The J-200 series of hot tubs go from J-210 all the way to the J-280. Our J-200 series hot tubs can accommodate anywhere from 2-3 to 6-7 bathers, depending on the model. Included are an array of classic jets that provide a full hydromassage experience. The series includes a water purification system, underwater lighting, 2-stage filtration, and speed pumps. 

Choose from various shell and cabinet colours to complete the aesthetic. 


Next, we have the J-300 series with models ranging from the entry-level J-315 to the J-385. These multifunctional hot tubs are easy to use and are fitted with the excellent Clear Ray™ system. You can choose from various shell and cabinet colours. Plus, these hot tubs come with various features, such as reversible smart access, 4-stage filtration, stereo system (optional), waterfall multi-colour light system, and premium LED lighting. 


Just below our top-tier J-500 series, we have the J-400 series with models ranging from the basic J-415 to the top-of-the-line J-495. Our J-495 is one of the most spacious hot tubs available, able to seat up to eight bathers. 

It features specialised controls, so each bather can enjoy a customised hydromassage experience with controllable water intensity. This tub features 62 jets for an intense and enjoyable experience. It also boasts other features, such as: 

  • 5-Stage Filtration 
  • PowerPro® RX & PX Jets 
  • ProTouch™ Control 
  • Smart Seal Circulation 
  • And More 

Plus, it’s available in various shell and cabinet colours, as with all our hot tubs. 

Enjoy Pro  

Lastly, take the path to 5-star wellness with the Enjoy Pro. This hot tub sports clever ergonomics and is designed to seat six bathers comfortably. Discover the genuine Jacuzzi wellness path involving all the muscles and maximum effectiveness. 

The Enjoy Pro boasts commercial features not found on most domestic hot tubs. These include automatic water refilling, an external grid, an overflow rim, and a complete drainage setting. The combination of 38 jets and 15 blowers provides the best hydromassage, and the inclusion of multicolour lighting helps set the right mood, Dorset customers. 

More Than Just Jacuzzi Hot Tubs  

In addition to hot tubs, we at KB Pools & Hot Tubs also install swim spas, swimming pools, sauna, and steam rooms. You can create your own at-home leisure facility if you’re lucky enough to have ample space. Take a dip, head to the sauna, and sweat it out in the steam room before finishing up in the Jacuzzi. 

To learn more about our swim spas, specialised rooms, and swimming pools, don’t hesitate to contact KB Pools & Hot Tubs today. You’ll receive the same great bespoke service tailored to your requirements, Dorset customers. 

Contact KB Pools today on 01202 518067 or email us at sales@kbpools.co.uk for a free quote.


Check out our excellent range of hot tubs for yourself, Dorset customers. Click on our gallery page, where you’ll find an assortment of high-definition images. 

Why Choose Us  

When it comes to hot tubs, Dorset customers looking for the finest in quality and affordability should look no further than us. We’ve been in the business of supplying and installing hot tubs, swim spas, swimming pools, and specialised rooms for over 25 years. We’re proud to exclusively stock and supply Jacuzzi products, so you can trust that you’re buying quality. 

From your initial enquiry to design and installation, our Dorset team are with you every step of the way. We’re SPATA and Gas Safe registered, so our customers are assured that they’re interacting with highly trained professionals. Such endorsements demonstrate our commitment to high standards and safe working practices. 

In addition to installing hot tubs, swim spas, specialised rooms, and swimming pools, we also offer pool maintenance services and accessories. From pool covers to cleaners, whatever your need to keep your pool or hot tub in tip-top condition, we can help. 

We’re confident you won’t find a better pool and hot tub supplier anywhere else, so call us today to get started.