Jacuzzi Swim Spas


If you’re looking for the ultimate swimming experience, look no further than KB Pools as we can supply you with the perfect jacuzzi experience. Our jacuzzi swim spas have been cleverly designed to provide an incredible swimming experience. Whether you’re short on space in your home or simply desire an alternative to a conventional swimming pool, our swim spas tick all the right boxes.


Large swimming pools can be difficult to manage in terms of temperature and current intensity, and jacuzzis are too small to get in a decent swim. A jacuzzi swim spa offers just the right amount of space and features a variable current feature. This feature allows for the current intensity to be adjusted to the user – so, whether you’re a professional athlete or a complete novice, there’s a setting that’s right for you.


For the avid health and fitness fanatic, these swim spas offer an unparalleled aqua fitness workout. If you’re looking to stay in shape, these spas will help you to do just that. Each one has been designed for those who wish to add water-based strengthening or aerobic exercise to their workout regime. There’s even a section that features hydrotherapy seating, which is the perfect place to relax after an intensive workout.


This makes these jacuzzi swim spas a great choice if you’re a fan of hot and cold treatments after an intensive weightlifting session. At KB Pools, we supply two swim spa ranges and a total of six different options for you to choose from.