Have you always wanted a swimming pool, but can’t find the space to fit it anywhere? Get in touch with KB Pools and we can solve your problem with our moveable swimming pool floors. The movable floors of our swimming pools will completely transform your room or empty space. Using the latest innovative designs in the industry, at KB Pool our swimming pools are constructed to your preferences.


Our swimming pool movable floors are the latest design to enter the pool industry. With these designs you will benefit from the best of both worlds. Adjustable swimming pools are a modern function that is now available to the public. Here’s what you will receive with a movable floor swimming pool:



Adjustable to your preferences, our movable swimming pool floors are renowned for its accessibility. No matter whether you are an experienced swimmer or just a beginner, you can adjust the different levels of your swimming pool to your individual experience. This is great when you want to change between a paddle and a deep swim, or if you want to create that extra floor space.

Our movable swimming pool floors provide a complete versatility to your current floor space and will maximise the utility of your swimming pool.



One of the major attractions of installing a movable floor to your swimming pool design is the feature of having two rooms in one. No more will you have to decide if your basement will be a dance floor or swimming pool, with our movable floors you will have both.

With our innovative designs you will create a multi-functional room for you and all the family to enjoy. With a movable swimming pool floor you will be able to transform the swimming pool to whatever function room your desire, whether you want it become a gym or dance floor.

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One of the main concerns of our clients is the safety precautions of our swimming pools. If you have a family or are entertaining guests you want to ensure that you are providing a safe swimming environment. With our movable floors your swimming pools will comply with the safety regulations expected by the top organisations in the industry.

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At KB Pools, we are proud to install innovative pool and spa designs to homes across the Dorset. With KB Pools you will be benefitting from the following features of our company:

  • 25 years experience
  • Experienced contractors, builders and engineers
  • Regular maintenance checks
  • Secure installations
  • SPATA and CORGI certified