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It’s not every day that you find yourself investing in a new pool. So, it’s only natural that you expect your pool to be completely flawless, and perfect for your needs. Here at KB Pools, that’s precisely what we deliver – perfection that you can enjoy all year round. Introducing the latest range of swimming pools, designed and manufactured by NIVEKO and installed by our team.


These pools truly define cutting-edge and are engineered with premium comfort and a unique design that infuses state-of-the-art technologies into a timeless form. Everything is taken into consideration when constructing these pools, ensuring that they fulfil the customer’s current and future expectations.




NIVEKO is a name that’s existed for more than 25 years. Since 1995, they’ve been crafting custom-built swimming pools with a focus on one-piece monopools for clients throughout the UK and Europe. Their pools are constructed using components from proven suppliers and sport levels of technological complexity that’s unsurpassed. At KB Pools, we’re proud to supply and install these exceptional swimming pools in and around our customers’ homes.


We’re equipped to install many different variants of these world-class swimming pools in Bournemouth. You can read a little about each of these variants below or find out more by calling KB Pools on 01202 518067.


At KB Pools, we stock the most up-to-date range of NIVEKO pools, with the following options available:

Skimmer Top Level

With the Skimmer Top Level option, customers will enjoy the benefits of an increased water level. The level reaches almost to the pool’s edge, making it easier to climb in and out of the pool. This variant comes in either a basic plastic or premium stainless steel option.

Skimmer Invisible

The Skimmer Invisible options takes things to the next level. The maximum possible water level is effortlessly maintained, while simultaneously, the transition between the pool wall and the water runoff is minimised. A standard installation involves us fitting the skimmer to the rear of the pool.

Overflow Multi

Those who enjoy a pool where the water gently overlaps at the side will love the Overflow Multi swimming pools. In Bournemouth and the surrounding area, we’ve fitted these pools for countless satisfied clients. Water gently overlaps at the sides and is captured by a PVC grid that feeds the water back into the system. For a premium finish, the PVC grid can be swapped out for natural granite or Greek stones.

Overflow Infinity

Designed with variable-height terrain in mind, the Overflow Infinity promises a great swim with some stellar views to match. These pools are designed so that the water flows off the pool edge at one side. This effect creates the illusion of an infinite view of the scenery directly in front.

Overflow Advance

With the Overflow Advance swimming pools in Bournemouth, glued stone from natural granite is incorporated into the design. Sat beneath the water level, the inner stone is intended to accentuate the clean lines that make up the pool’s shape, thereby lending a premium look to proceedings.

Overflow Evolution

For a more minimalist appearance, enlist KB Pools to install the Overflow Evolution variant today. The minimalist nature of the design lends the illusion of a coherent area between the water level and the pool surroundings. The pool edge itself boasts a small profile while still offering excellent drainage efficiency.

Overflow Underflow

With the Overflow Underflow, the water flows out under the floor rather than over it. The edge drops down slightly, but not so much as to make climbing in and out difficult. Any edge or surface terminations of the overflow are eliminated, and the water is kept neatly contained within the pool itself.


The KB Pools team has been installing swimming pools, saunas, and spas on client properties throughout Dorset for more than 30 years. You won’t find a company that’s more dedicated than us to finding bespoke solutions that customers will love. We’re committed to tailoring the entire experience, ensuring that you receive the perfection that you strive for.


As a company, we’re driven to provide impeccable service and exceptional workmanship at highly competitive prices. It is likeminded values like these that make us the perfect option to install NIVEKO pools. From selecting the pool shape to entrance options, pool covers, cleaning chemicals, enclosures, and special solutions, we provide the complete NIVEKO package.


Would you like to find out more? Then call KB Pools today on 01202 518067 to discuss your requirements with a member of our team.

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