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When not in use, it’s always advisable to place a cover over your pool, Jacuzzi or endless pool and here at KB Pools, we’re the number one supplier of high-quality covers. We’re able to produce the most complex designs with covers tailored to your specific requirements and budget. Our covers provide added protection, keep everything clean and prevent young children or pets from falling in.



When it comes to choosing the right cover for your pool, it’s worth bearing in mind that not all covers are made equally. Some covers have different levels of UV stability, thicknesses and come in varying degrees of durability. Depending on the type of cover you choose, you could be reducing the running costs of your pool by a huge amount. Heating costs, chemical consumption, temperature and filtration times can all be vastly improved, making the right cover a solid investment.


By covering your pool with a solar cover, you’ll notice an increase in temperature which can vary, but usually works out at around 3-4 degrees Celsius. By using a premium quality base level material, you can expect to get up to three years out of your cover before it needs replacing. During that time, you’ll notice that water evaporation is dramatically reduced by up to 98%.


What’s more, you’ll save money across the board as you won’t have to spend so much on keeping your pool heated or purchasing expensive chemicals. A solar cover is a great way of lowering your carbon footprint while reducing contamination from debris as well as your overall energy consumption.


Solar blankets, or bubble covers as they are often referred to as, are a great of keeping your pool heated as they permit free sustainable energy to be transferred through the cover to the water. This is a great way of augmenting the heating system and means that you’ll spend less money overall keeping the pool at your preferred temperature.


Foam covers, on the other hand, are manufactured from high-quality foaming agents. Alternatively, the material can be radiated to form small air pockets, but the end result is usually the same – the cover serves as an insulating lid. Heat generated by the heating system is retained, resulting in lower overall running costs – but no additional heat energy is created.


The difference between the two largely comes down to the heat retention properties, with a 5 mm foam cover having the slight edge on bubble covers. That being said, both options help to eliminate evaporation, which is the primary cause of heat loss in swimming pools. At KB Pools, we recommend using a bubble cover as this option provides the following benefits:


• Lighter and Easier to Remove
• Generally More Cost-Effective
• With a Performance Guard, ROI (or payback period) is Usually One Year
• Foam Covers Will Prevent Potential Gains from Solar Energy


All of our solar covers are made from high-quality LDPE or Low-Density Polyethylene which has a density of less than one. This means that these covers will float atop the water, offer fantastic chemical resistance and provide outstanding durability and tensile strength.

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Winter Debris Covers

During the winter months, it’s more than likely that your outdoor pool will be left unattended. It is during this period that leaves and other debris will land in the water. If left unchecked, the debris can build up, contaminating the water, inflicting damage on the liner and causing blockages to occur. At KB Pools, we supply a range of winter debris covers designed to protect your pool, keeping everything clean and working fine.


Each cover is designed with a tight mesh design that permits rainwater to pass through while keeping out leaves and other debris. Our covers come with a storage bag and are all manufactured to accommodate ladders and other pool accessories that would otherwise alter the profile of the pool. We can also supply covers in a wide range of sizes and shapes to fit all manner of pools.

Emperor or Sovereign?

Purchase your winter debris covers from us, and you’ll have the choice of two quality options – Emperor and Sovereign.


The Emperor option comes with anti-chafing strips on all straps and large square reinforcing corner panels, providing superior protection and ensuring a long lifespan. With spring assisted “P” anchors made from high-quality steel and the option for criss-cross reinforcing straps, a quality fit is assured. The standard interval between straps can be further customised and anti-chafing panels added around the perimeter of the cover for extra protection.


With the Sovereign option, the “P” anchors are accompanied with rubber tensioners designed to anchor the cover fully. These are secured by separate eyelets spaced around the perimeter, and each eyelet is reinforced with an anti-chafing strip.

If you’re unsure as to which one of our covers is the right option for you, do not hesitate to get in contact with KB Pools today on 01202 518 067.