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Soul 500 Hottub

Our 2m by 2m SOUL500TM is designed for family fun, relaxation, and to fit perfectly in your garden space. With a full body massage lounger as well as 4 additional varied height seats, this spa is uniquely customised for young families looking for garden fun and a place for adults to spend time together.

Price: £5,999 inc. VAT

Soul 550 Hottub

Two full-body massage loungers make this spa the perfect option for families looking for relaxation time together in the evenings, while the open seating still allows for family and friends to enjoy at the weekends.

Price: £5,999 inc. VAT

Soul 4000 Swim Spa

This is the perfect fun pool for those who don’t quite have the garden space. Our 3.98m long SOUL4000TM has been designed to give you the ultimate garden pool experience all year round. The heavy-duty steel frame, shell construction, and no kink plumbing system mean this swim spa has been designed to last a lifetime, while the warm down massage seats mean it’s the perfect mix of play and relaxation.

Price: £19,995 inc. VAT