Have you been dreaming of having your own pool? Are you looking for the best swimming pool builders in the UK? If that’s the case, then we KB pools are here to make your dreams come true. We carry out all kinds of swimming pool installations in the UK, from indoor and outdoor pools to endless wooden pools.  


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Swimming Pool Installation UK Residents Can Rely On

Here at KB Pools, with more than 25 years of experience in the industry, we can provide swimming pool installation Uk residents can always rely on. Our staff is devoted to creating the greatest pools possible, each one tailored to our client’s specific requirements. For this reason, we provide our swimming pool installation anywhere in the UK, we only employ the highest quality construction materials, such as mosaic, block, and liner, in addition to steel and timber-framed pools. 

We are proud of our extensive product line, which no other company can surpass. You can rest easy knowing that we only provide and install equipment from reputable industrial manufacturers. Not only that, but all of our personnel have received comprehensive training in the installation of swimming pools and have a good grasp of the many varieties available. This means that our knowledgeable sales team would be delighted to offer you honest advice on which option would be the best match for you. 


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Types of Pools We Offer


KB Pools has the greatest collection of swimming pools that will give your home a premium feel. No two houses are the same, and no two pools are alike. We work closely with each customer to ensure that their pool fulfils all of their requirements. Our experts will ensure that the pool you get is of the highest quality and is professionally installed. 

 If you wish for a swimming pool installation, UK residents, we can offer you the following types of pools: 

 Regardless of which type of pool you choose, we can completely customise it to your unique requirements. They can all be made from mosaic, block, liner, as well as steel and timber frames, all depending on your needs. Because of our extensive range of products, we are considered the best at swimming pool installations the UK has seen. To learn more about each type of pool we offer, please keep on reading.  


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Indoor Pools

If you’re a swimming enthusiast and you live in a country where winters can be harsh, an indoor pool is a perfect solution. Not only will it save you time and money from going to gyms and health clubs, but it will also drastically increase your property’s value.   

However, proper ventilation systems are necessary for your indoor pool as they are not subject to the sun or wind. High interior humidity levels without a sufficient ventilation system can cause a variety of issues, including condensation on cold surfaces and structural deterioration.   

 While it is an advantage to be able to swim any time of the year, it can also be costly. As indoor pools can’t be heated using solar energy and require a ventilation system, their energy expenses are generally significantly greater than outdoor pools. But worry not, as we at KB Pools can provide several cost-effective energy solutions, including high-efficiency heaters and efficient lighting.

Outdoor Pools

On the other hand, outdoor pools are a terrific way to save money while also increasing the value of your house. By installing an outdoor swimming pool, you’ll save up money on long trips to the beach, gym memberships, admission fees to public swimming pools, and other recreational facilities. In addition, with an outdoor pool, you will enjoy ongoing relaxation and leisure anytime you want it.  

At KB Pools, our professionals have the skills and experience to construct an outdoor pool that meets your demands and preferences for swimming pool design. Our outdoor pools are a terrific way for you to relax while staying in shape throughout the hot, lengthy summers. You just cannot go wrong with a magnificent outdoor swimming pool for exercising, resting, tanning, and hosting parties.  

Endless Pools

You can mainly find endless pools in gyms and fitness clubs. At KB Pools, however, we can install your own endless pool in your house. With an endless pool in the comforts of your own house, you’ll also be saving money on monthly gym memberships. You will solely be responsible for the pool and installation costs.  

What makes an endless pool the perfect tool for exercise is its counter-current. A 16-inch propeller, housed in a protective stainless steel container and powered by a hydraulic motor, creates the swim current. The propulsion unit can carry up to 5,000 gallons of water per minute via two grills that straighten and smooth the flow of the water.  

This means that you can swim and exercise while staying in place. This is the perfect solution for people who don’t have enough space for a big swimming pool. With an endless pool, you don’t have to worry about your home is big enough to fit one as they are small enough to fit in any house.

Wooden Pool

One other type of pool we offer here at KB Pools is the wooden pool. It is highly desired by our customers in the UK as this pool provides all the advantages of a pool and is aesthetically pleasing. A wooden pool is a great addition to your backyard as it will blend in with its surrounding, creating a beautiful aesthetic and increasing your property’s value.  

This product is adjustable enough to fit a wide range of ideas because there are numerous ways to set up your pool in your yard. Your pool can be completely freestanding, semi-submerged, or completely submerged in the ground. No matter how you choose to set it up, it is child friendly due to its design that has no protruding joints.  

As all of our services are bespoke, the wooden pool is no exception. It provides a range of personalisation choices, including: 

  • Red Pinewood Exterior Stairs 
  • Stainless Steel Inner Stairs 
  • Sand Filter With Pump, Hoses, and Connectors 
  • Full Cleaning Kit 
  • DIY Build Directions With DVD 

Movable Pool Floors and Safety Covers

If you’re into variety, UK residents, then you can invest in our movable pool floors. Movable pool floors are simple to use; merely push a button, and the mechanics will take care of the rest. You can either lower or raise the pool floor, which enables you to select different pool depths. So, for instance, if your kid is using the pool, you can modify the depth on the fly utilising customisable depth settings and make the pool shallow.  

One other great thing about our movable pool floors is that they come with a choice of programming options and may be converted into a multi-function room to make the most of the available space, such as a dance floor.  

Here at KB Pools, we also provide safety covers. We can safeguard your pools with safety covers that are tailored to your pool and keep them clean and cosy throughout the year. They can be used on both outdoor and indoor pools, regardless of shape and type.