Have you been searching around the internet for the best swimming pool installers in your area? Then look no further than KB Pools, as we’re the number one swimming pool builders. Backed by more than 25 years, our knowledge of constructing indoor swimming pools and outdoor pools is unmatched.


We also supply the best range of hot tubs and accessories around. Not only will we design the perfect swimming pool for your property, but we’ll handle the installation, too, ensuring a professional finish. You can then choose to purchase chemicals, covers, and more to help with maintenance, safety, and cleanliness. To find out more, call KB Pools today on 01202 518067.


Here at KB Pools, we design swimming pools that fit our customers’ homes splendidly. And we don’t just stop there; we then see to the installation, ensuring that every last detail is accounted for. Swimming pools and hot tubs are an excellent investment, adding significant value to any property, not to mention that swimming is an excellent way to stay healthy.

Perhaps you’ve always longed for the idea of having your very own outdoor swimming pool. Or maybe your property lacks the outdoor space but has ample indoor space to accommodate one. Maybe you’d like a full-sized swimming pool or a more compact option that still lets you get your laps in without requiring an entire room’s worth of space.

Or maybe you’d like a swimming pool that can change into something else at the push of a button. Whatever your preference might be, you’ll find that KB Pools builds the finest, custom swimming pools available.

We promise a professional service from the outset, including recommending the best products for easy pool maintenance. These include Fi-Clor chemicals, which we swear by.

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It might seem as simple as digging a hole in the ground, inserting a liner, and filling it with water when it comes to swimming pools. There’s a lot more to it than that, and choosing the right swimming pool builders is crucial, as there are benefits to doing so. These benefits include:

  • Best Materials
  • Saves Time
  • Saves Money
  • Ensures Quality
  • Ensures the Right Chemical Levels

KB Pools always utilises the very best materials, ensuring that the swimming pools that we build are built to last. By choosing professional swimming pool builders, you won’t need to waste time sourcing these materials yourself. They’ll handle the design and installation, and if anything should go wrong, they’ll be available to remedy the problem.

Not only do KB Pools source the best materials, but we source them from trusted suppliers at preferential rates. We pass these savings on to the customer, which wouldn’t be available if you purchased the materials yourself.

Hiring professional swimming pool builders assures you of quality workmanship, that is, if you choose reputable pool builders like us. Lastly, we’re suppliers of high-quality pool chemicals and will always ensure that your newly constructed pool has the right chemical balance.

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Our swimming pool architects are experts when it comes to the design and installation of swimming pools and hot tubs. They’ll account for size and concept and ensure that the design meets industry standards. Once you’re happy with the design, you’ll be quoted.

If you choose to proceed, our team of swimming pool builders will handle the installation, working within your budget to deliver the results you expect. By entrusting our capable pool builders and architects, you’ll be spared the expense of costly repairs common with poorly designed and built swimming pools.

And if you’re in the middle of a new development, we encourage you to consider adding an indoor swimming pool now rather than later. That’s because it’s a lot easier to build a property around the pool than it is to adapt the property later to squeeze in a pool. However, if the latter applies to you, know that our architects are fantastic at making the existing space work.

Lastly, consider any extras, such as covers, pool enclosures, chemicals, pumps, lights, etc. These will need to be factored into the cost.

Why Build a Pool in Your Property?

There are three excellent reasons why you should have either an outdoor or indoor swimming pool (or both) constructed on your property.

First, swimming pools enhance the appeal of a property, greatly adding to its value. If you’re looking to sell, you’ll find your property’s value propelled upwards by the addition of a swimming pool. It’ll make for a far more enticing prospect, especially as prospective buyers won’t have to worry about the time or expense of building the pool.

Second, swimming pools are a great way for you to stay healthy. Swimming provides a full-body cardio workout and provides a myriad of health benefits, such as:

  • Builds Endurance, Muscle Strength, and Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Helps with Maintaining a Healthy Weight, Heart, and Lungs
  • Tones Muscles
  • Works out Nearly All Your Muscles
  • Elevates the Heart Rate While Relieving Some of the Impact Stress on the Body

Lastly, having a swimming pool installed means no more having to go to your local leisure centre or gym for a swim. You can take a swim whenever you like, and you won’t need to share the pool with others – it’s far more convenient and hygienic. Plus, a pool is a great place to relax on a hot summer day.

Types of Pools We Offer

Here at KB Pools, we are suppliers of a wide range of types of swimming pools, including:

  • Indoor Swimming Pools
  • Outdoor Swimming Pools
  • Wooden Pools
  • Endless Pools

Plus, we can oversee the design and installation of movable pool floors and spas.

Outdoor Swimming Pools

Having an outdoor pool is like having your own pool resort right on your doorstep. As with your house, a swimming pool only continues to grow in value as the years go by. You won’t need to contend with crowded beaches or busy gyms and leisure centres, if you fancy a swim, just step outside, and jump in.

While outdoor pools are more challenging on the maintenance front, investing in suitable covers is an effective way to keep your pool cleaner for longer. Plus, you can easily turn your outdoor pool into an indoor pool if you add a telescopic enclosure.

Enclosures fully enclose part or all the pool. It can be cold and raining outside, but you’ll still be able to make full use of your swimming pool!

Indoor Swimming Pools

The beauty of indoor pools is that they are far easier on the maintenance front. Being indoors means you have less to worry about leaves, branches, dirt, insects, and debris falling into the water. You can also enjoy your pool come rain or shine, night or day.

The beauty of indoor pools is that they aren’t subject to external temperature variations. There’s no wind to carry away the pool heat, and the heat won’t radiate to the sky. Though, you do need to ensure that the room has sufficient ventilation to control the humidity levels. At KB Pools, we can supply a range of efficient mechanisms to overcome the cost of running an indoor pool, including solar heating systems, high-efficiency heaters, efficient lighting, pumps, and motors.

Wooden Pools

Our wooden pools feature a unique ‘Above Ground Pool’ concept and a unique patented dovetail joints system. These joints are reinforced by a stainless-steel threaded bar that allows for the frame to be tightened whenever needed. Plus, the frame can be easily disassembled if needed.

The unique joint system ensures that nothing protrudes, making our wooden pools more aesthetically pleasing and completely safe and child-friendly.

Borders are available in pinewood as standard, with red fir or hardwood options available for an extra fee. Plus, you can choose for your pool to be free-standing, semi in-ground, or completely submerged in-ground and surrounded by a deck.

Endless Pools

Endless pools are designed for situations where space is in short supply. These pools are smaller and sport a counter-current system with an adjustable current strength that enables a person to swim in place. The current can be adjusted to a person’s swimming ability and fitness level. The propulsion unit can move up to 5,000 gallons of water per minute.

The swim current is created by a 16” propeller inside a protective stainless-steel housing driven by a hydraulic motor. The experience is smooth as silk, and you can easily swim to your heart’s content without moving from your current position. You have all the benefits of swimming lanes in a full-sized pool with a pool that’s compact enough to fit into most home gymnasiums.

Endless pools can even be retrofitted into larger pools, so you have dedicated exercise functionality.

Movable Pool Floors

Movable pool floors provide the best of both worlds. The floor sinks down when you want to use your pool, and the water flows into the open space. The floor can be raised up when the pool is no longer needed, completely concealing the pool below. The pool doesn’t need to be drained as the water disappears beneath the floor.

You can then use the space for whatever function you have in mind, say, a house party? An added benefit is that the water underneath retains its heat, so you won’t have to spend a fortune keeping it heated. This system is also far safer than simply using pool covers, as while active, the movable floor completely replaces the swimming pool – you’d never even know the pool was there.

An added benefit is that the pool floor is variable, so one end can be deeper than the other, simulating the deep and shallow ends in a public pool.


Lastly, it’s worth noting that, as well as swimming pools, we stock a wide range of spas (hot tubs). We stock the best range of hot tubs from Jacuzzi, who are a household name that’s known far and wide for constructing quality hot tubs.

We have a range of hot tubs to suit all budgets and requirements. Make sure to click on our spa page or contact us for further details.