Do you wish you had a swimming pool during the summer months? Are you worried about the cost? With KB Pools, you can enjoy the most fantastic swimming pools Bournemouth has to offer at prices that won’t break the bank. Whether indoor or outdoor, we can help build the pool of your dream, so call us on 01202 518 067.


There’s nothing better in the hot summer months than diving into the cooling waters of a pool and, at KB Pools, we can install stunning swimming pools. Bournemouth residents who are looking to add value to their property and use some garden space will find our pools are the perfect choice. Plus, with our experience, we can recommend the best type of pool for you, with options including:




If you want a pool that you can use year round, look no further than our indoor pool range in Bournemouth. Swimming pools that are indoors are not subject to day and night temperature fluctuations, but they do require room ventilation to control indoor humidity. The energy required to run a ventilation system adds to the cost of operating an indoor pool.

Because indoor pools are used year round, they have no opportunity to gain solar heat, so they often have much higher energy costs than outdoor pools. However, KB Pools have the experience and knowledge to overcome a lot of these energy cost issues. There are many energy management improvements that can be implemented. These include solar heating systems, high-efficiency heaters, efficient lighting, and efficient pumps/motors.

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One of the highlights of any holiday abroad is spending time by the pool, soaking up the sun and cooling off with a swim. However, you needn’t limit pool time to your holiday as you can invest in your own swimming pool from KB Pools. With our outdoor swimming pools, Bournemouth residents will have a constant source of leisure and pleasure right on your doorstep.

Investing in a swimming pool will increase the value of your home and save you money, too. The pool will increase in value as years go by and you can save money on the travel costs to beaches, crowded swimming pools, and other leisure centres. This isn’t to mention the entrance fees and car parking when you get there.

Plus, in Bournemouth, swimming pools are a great way to improve the overall fitness levels of yourself and your family. Selecting a pool to suit all the family can be difficult, but we provide expert advice to help you with this.

Contact KB Pools today on 01202 518067 or email us at sales@kbpools.co.uk for a free quote.



An endless pool is a counter-current swimming pool and water exercise machine, small enough to fit inside a home or business. It features an adjustable

current that allows you to swim and exercise in place. The current is broad and deep, and it’s suitable for every swimming ability and fitness need. You can even set the temperature precisely, based on your preference and needs.

These pools work by utilising a propulsion unit which can move a huge amount of water through two grilles that straighten and smooth the water’s flow. The result is a river-like current that’s adjustable in speed from a gentle flow to a racer’s pace. Swim current is generated by a 16” propeller inside a protective stainless steel housing that’s driven by a hydraulic motor.

The swim current is remarkably smooth due to an ingenious return system using the pools underwater perimeter benches. As the water flows down the centre of the pool, it enters a grille in the rear bench. The side benches act as return channels, looping the water from the back to the front of the pool.

If you already have a pool but wish to invest in endless swimming pools in Bournemouth, we can help. Using the Fastlane current machine, we can retrofit an endless pool into any existing swimming pool.



Wooden pools bring beauty and functionality together in a quality product that utilises the unique patented system of dovetail joints. The joints are reinforced by a stainless steel threaded bar which allows you to tighten the frame at any time. Plus, this is safe and child friendly as there are no protruding joints.

These pools have extra thick pool borders that clip onto the pool structure and are reinforced. Borders come in pinewood as standard but, for an extra price, you can choose treated red fir and tropical hardwood. You also have the option of a free standing pool, semi in-ground, or completely submerge the pool in-ground.